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Class Work,  2022

Puddl is a hypothetical non-profit organization that sells apparel and other goods in order to help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our ocean and other water supplies.

Artboard 5.png
Artboard 1.png

The purpose of this project was to develop a unique solution to an issue surrounding water. As a group, it was decided that we would focus on water pollution, a problem that plagues the majority of the world. I wanted to utilize my skills as a branding and merchandise designer to create products that can best spread our organization's message.

Logo Design by Olivia Garcia


My objective when designing these pieces was to create items that were cohesive with the brand's established identity. I wanted our message to be clear so anyone would be able to instantly understand what our organization stands for. Additionally, I had to consider what material the products would be made out of. After consulting with my group, we decided they could be made out of recycled polyester fabric, which would help in reducing the amount of plastic that would otherwise go into the world's water supply.


When you wash any clothing item, microfibers come off of the fabric and travel into the water supply, which negatively impacts the environment. This is why I developed and designed a microplastic collector to sell alongside our other products to show that we are thinking about every aspect.

v2 Cover Mockup_edited.jpg

Cover Design by Stephanie dos Remedios

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