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Paloma Paloma

Freelance,  2022

In 2018, Lisa Fisher built Paloma Paloma as a way to share her love and appreciation for her heritage. By taking one look through her products, it is evident that Mexican influence is woven, painted, and designed into every piece.


The goal of this rebrand was to revise the current logo in way that is still recognizable but more simplified. It was necessary to create a logo that has all the representative elements of the brand without overcomplicating it. 


Inspired by the vibrant artwork of Mexico, Paloma Paloma’s logo is playful and eye-catching. It also maintains simplicity with the lack of outlines around its imagery, and the use of a high-contrast sans serif with a light italic subheading keeps the viewer visually interested. The inclusion of the two doves perfectly mimic the brand’s name. Paloma Paloma’s focal point is the sacred heart with its scalloped edges and minimalistic flame.


Paloma Paloma frequently participates in pop-up events in collaboration with other small businesses. Because of this, it was necessary to have a handful of logos and wordmarks that could fit well in any promotional material.

Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 4.57.32 PM.png

Today, it is paramount for businesses to work in both physical and virtual spaces. Paloma Paloma maintains a strong social media presence which helps bring in new customers. This means that the brand's icon needs to be easily visible at all levels, especially for something as small as a social media profile picture.

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