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Lost & Found

Freelance,  2022

Lost & Found Run Crew fosters a welcoming space for anyone of any background. This crew is all about building community and learning what it means to love running. Whether you're a life long running fanatic or you've never even dreamt of running before, there is a place from everyone on this crew.


Creating a logo for running group was an exciting endeavor. I had to figure out the best way to communicate strong movement while still feeling approachable since many newcomers can feel intimidated by running.

Photo by Dave Hashim

Artboard 3.png

The meaning behind the name "Lost & Found" refers to the crew's goal of creating an inclusive environment where everyone can have a sense of belonging. If you were lost, you are now found.  

Loving named Benito the Osito after the crew's home base San Benito County, the group's icon is a simple representation of a lost and found. A teddy bear who only has one eye button but still holds value. Benito helps to give the crew a more welcoming and light-hearted feel. Also, he can be styled in different ways for various events and holidays.


Merchandise is a huge part of any brand's identity. With Lost & Found, we started off easy with three stickers: the full logo, the stacked logo, and, of course, Benito the Osito. When I was developing this product, it was key that the material was waterproof since so many runners (and walkers) will personalize their water bottles with their crew's stickers.

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